Starting Strong with Buildertrend

Get your account set up for success by adding your team members and subs with proper access. You’ll learn how to customize each user’s permissions and notifications so they can stay in the loop on what’s relevant for their role. We’ll also cover best practices for creating jobs from scratch, templates and leads.

Gain a better understanding of cost codes and how they apply to the estimating and job costing process. We’ll cover best practices for setting up your cost codes and catalog and show you examples of how these function in estimates, bids and budgets.

Stop building your Schedule from scratch for every job. We’ll teach you how to use templates so you can get project schedules up and running faster than ever. You’ll see examples that apply to your business and learn how to manage your schedule using the Gantt chart.

Your schedule doesn’t need to be messy. By using To-Do’s, you’ll keep your schedule clean while making sure tasks and checklists get completed on time. We’ll show you how to template your to-dos so you’re not creating them from scratch for every job – and you can even link them to Schedule items, so deadlines move together.

Time management is a breeze when you set up the Time Clock for your employees. Team members can clock in directly from their phone for accurate time tracking. We’ll also cover best practices for keeping everyone in the loop with Daily Logs.

Get paid faster with our invoice tool. We’ll show you all the ways you can invoice your clients directly in Buildertrend – and which ways will work best for you. You’ll also learn best practices for using Change Orders so you can accurately keep up with invoicing when changes arise.

Take a break from learning and apply best practices while they’re fresh in your mind. Work on your own to apply the learnings from each lesson to your business and our experts will be walking around, available to help answer your questions.

Sit down with a Buildertrend Coach to go over any questions you have about what you learned. Take advantage of the hands-on approach by setting up your account on the spot and working out any potential struggles.

Learn the basics of creating an estimate and how this interacts with your budget. You’ll also see the integration of your cost codes and catalog in the Estimate tool.

Get connected to QuickBooks with our seamless integration. We’ll help you with your settings and explain how the process works so you can get your accounting with Buildertrend started on the right foot.

Learn best practices for keeping track of business expenses. Use the Bills feature to quickly upload expenses and scan receipts – and learn whose job it is to enter this information.

Connect your website to Buildertrend so lead information can flow seamlessly into your account. Use your lead opportunities to keep on top of prospects and create proposals all in one place. We’ll also show you how to convert your leads into a job when a proposal is accepted.

We’ll show you how your subs can sign off on the scope of work and payment schedule ­without being an active Buildertrend user. Use Purchase Orders to make multiple draw orders to a sub – a feature not available in Bills.

Become a better estimator by tracking estimates versus actuals. You’ll learn how Bills and Purchase Orders reflect in your budget and how to organize it with cost categories.

We want your feedback! Sit in with our product developers to tell them what you think of the Buildertrend platform – and what needs to be improved.