Improved Estimates and Job Costing

How to create and organize your cost codes and catalog in Buildertrend. We’ll show you examples and review best practices to ensure you get these set up properly.

We’ll teach you how to set up and create your bid packages the right way. You’ll learn how to invite subs, add attachments in bulk and release your bid packages – and we’ll show you how to template them to save time.

We’re diving deep into the Estimate tool to show you how you can speed up the estimating process with a few tips and tricks. We’ll also be showcasing a live demo of our new takeoff software which makes creating accurate estimates a quicker process.

Learn how to create an allowance and tie it to a selection. We’ll show you how to add design choices for your clients and how you can easily keep track of it all.

We’ll help you set up your QuickBooks account the right way for a seamless accounting integration with Buildertrend. We’ll teach you how to link a job and make sure you understand the process of sending financial data from Buildertrend to QuickBooks.

First, we’ll explain the difference between Bills and Purchase Orders in Buildertrend. Then, we’ll show you how to send a Bill to QuickBooks. We’ll also teach you best practices on who should be entering expenses and sending them to QuickBooks.

Learn how to format your estimates with categories and groups. We’ll also show you what a released estimate looks like to your clients.

We’re covering the best practices when it comes to using the Invoice tool. We’ll show you how to get your client active in Buildertrend and the different ways you can send an invoice.

Get a better understanding of our job costing features so you can easily keep track of your budget. We’ll explain estimates versus actuals, show you how to lock your estimate and what flows into your revised costs.

Learn how to create a Purchase Order and release it to your sub. We’ll also show you how to create a payment and get it sent directly to QuickBooks.

Understand the difference between a customer budget and a job budget. We’re covering revised costs and how you can see the most updated version of your budget. You’ll also learn how Bids, Purchase Orders, Bills and Change Orders flow into your budget for more accurate reporting.

Learn how you can set defaults for your filters and views in Buildertrend, so you can quickly see what’s most important to you. We’ll show you the most commonly used filters and how they can apply to your business needs.