Conference Type

Becoming a Buildertrend
Super User

  • You’re the Buildertrend Champion for your company.
  • You’re familiar with navigating the platform.
  • You want to master the basics and learn more advanced skills.
  • You are migrating from CoConstruct

At this conference, you’ll have the chance to see the full capability of what can Buildertrend can do for your business. We’ll cover every feature in the platform so you can see how everything flows together.

Starting Strong with

  • You signed up for Buildertrend recently
  • You want to be the Buildertrend champion in your company
  • You need help with the setup and overall understanding of how Buildertrend can work with your business

At this conference, we’ll help set up your Buildertrend account for success from the start. For two days, you’ll get hands-on training guaranteed to get you up and running with our platform.

Improved Estimates &
Job Costing

  • You manage invoicing and expenses for your company
  • You’re new to the financial tools in Buildertrend
  • You want to better understand how job costing works in the platform

We’ll dive into the basics of financial tracking during this two-day conference. You’ll not only master the Estimate tool in Buildertrend, but you’ll also learn how to keep your budgets on track for every project.

Efficient Job Planning & Management

  • You’re a project manager at your company
  • You want to become more efficient in the field
  • You need to learn how to document your time, create an efficient schedule
    and keep track of job progress

We know life as a project manager can be hectic. Join us at our headquarters and learn how Buildertrend can make your day-to-day tasks on the job site much more manageable.

Become a Buildertrend Super User - Summer Session

  • You use Buildertrend’s project management features on a daily basis
  • You’re already familiar with the Estimate tool
  • You’re ready to expand on your job costing knowledge

Are you already a savvy Buildertrend user? Attend this conference to find out how to better use our platform for your business goals. This is meant for advanced users looking to get even more out of Buildertrend.