Becoming a Buildertrend Super User

Come join us as we take a deep dive into starting your jobs effectively while managing your Schedule and To-Do’s. Having an accurate timeline of your jobs is one of the best ways to ensure you finish on time and on budget. We’ll provide the best practices as well as information about how our best users set up and maintain their timelines. Even if you’re already using these features, you’re sure to learn more about how to maximize these crucial features.

Run your projects more effectively with tools we know improve communication and productivity. This class will ensure you’re using all the features that help you take the next step for improving your job flow.

A project’s budget and accurate job costing are crucial to your bottom line. We’ll focus on basic job costing functionality, as well as dive into the finer details such as purchase orders, variances and how to track and report on all your financial information. This class will help organize the way your expenses are tracked and help you understand why a purchase order process is vital to your company’s financial success.

Learn about all the advantages of the QuickBooks integration with Buildertrend. We’ll focus on the setup and execution of tracking your receivables and payables as well as shed light on the different options we have to track your money.

The time to standardize your sales process is now, and this class will help you get there. Learn how to take a prospective customer from initial contact through a successful sale. Our coaches will focus on how to manage communication, track data, run reports and build templates that can take your communication to the next level.

Estimating is one of the most important parts of a successful and profitable construction project. Come learn the skills you need: basic estimate creation, managing bids and allowances, estimate customization and how to turn estimates into client-facing contracts. We’ll help you discover all the features and best practices for our Estimates tool along with a few tips and tricks to maximize your profits.

Getting your subs and owners involved is one of the best ways to maximize Buildertrend’s impact. This class will focus on the features that can help you efficiently communicate with people outside your company as well as hold them accountable so your jobs keep moving.

This class will focus on all of our project management features that can help your team run jobs more effectively while on the go with our mobile app. We’ll focus on tips and tricks as well as basic functions that can save your team time. If you’re not using the mobile app every day, then this class will open your eyes to its benefits.

We’ll guide you through some detailed ways you can use Buildertrend in an outside-the-box class showcasing unique strategies for our features. Discover how to utilize Buildertrend beyond its basic capabilities.