Becoming a Buildertrend Super User - Summer Session

We’ll teach you how to set up and create your bid packages the right way. You’ll learn how to invite subs, add attachments in bulk and release your bid packages – plus we’ll show you how to template them to save time.

We’re diving deep into the Estimate tool to show you how to speed up the estimating process with a few tips and tricks. Learn how to format your estimates with categories and groups and then create bids and allowances from them. We’ll also show you our new takeoff software that helps builders create accurate estimates in less time.

Get first-hand look at the selection process from the client’s perspective. You’ll learn how to create an allowance and tie it to a selection, as well as how to add design choices for your clients. We’ll also cover best practices on how you can easily keep track of it all.

Get your clients and subs on board with Buildertrend. You’ll learn how to set up the Customer Portal to keep your clients in the loop during their project. Customize notifications and settings for easy communication with clients and subs, and take a look at how online payments benefit everyone involved.

We’ll show you how to send Bills, Purchase Orders and Invoices to QuickBooks. You’ll also learn best practices on who should be entering expenses and sending them to QuickBooks, as well as how the information flows back into Buildertrend.

We’re covering the best practices when it comes to using the Invoice tool. We’ll show you how to get your client set up in Buildertrend and the different ways you can send an invoice. You’ll also get an introduction into our online payment solution.

Learn how to best manage your Schedule and make edits when project changes arise. You’ll also gain a better understanding between the baseline versus actual, so you can see where changes occurred and how to prepare for them in the future. We’re diving deep into every aspect of the Schedule, including the Gantt chart, phases, templates and the mobile app.

Make sure your whole team is up to date with proper documentation. We’ll cover best practices for creating Daily Logs, tracking labor with the Time Clock and importing emails into Buildertrend. You’ll also learn how to manage and template your files for easy organization.

Get a better understanding of our job costing features so you can easily keep track of your budget. We’ll explain estimates versus actuals, show you how to lock your estimate and what flows into your revised costs. You’ll also learn how Bids, Purchase Orders, Bills and Change Orders flow into your budget for more accurate reporting.

Gain a full understanding of how Purchase Orders work in Buildertrend. You’ll learn how to template POs, create them in bulk and send them to QuickBooks. We’ll show you all of our best tips and tricks on how to manage Purchase Orders efficiently.

Make better business decisions when you have the right insights. We’ll go over all the reports you can access in the platform to better understand your data. You’ll also learn best practices for filtering so you can see the information that matters most at a quick glance.

Take a break from learning and apply best practices while they’re fresh in your mind. Work on your own to apply the learnings from each lesson to your business while our experts are available to answer your questions.

Sit down with a Buildertrend coach to go over any questions you have about what you learned. Take advantage of the hands-on approach by setting up your account on the spot and working out any potential struggles.